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Web based PO Entry
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Web Based Purchase Order Entry



      Allows vendors or other authorized persons to create purchase orders and have them
      imported into the IMS system after final approval.

    The web based PO entry lets vendors reorder products that they have previously ordered
     for your store and the entry of suggested new item.  All data is entered then it is
     forwarded to someone that must approve and possibly enter the new suggested items
     into the inventory system prior to their shipment.

     After final approval the XML file as prescribed by ARS is generated and ready for import
     Into the inventory system. The XML file is processed by IMS5 and the PO will exist for
     receive by Purchase Order.


     Requires simple onsite webhost

     Code is in visual basic written in ASP format.

     Data is near real-time for vender entry so they see qoh Description and
     all information needed to make informative decisions on creating order

     The web store and web based Purchase order entry systems may require custom code
      for your particular application.