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   Inventory Scan module


The software can be installed on any pc, or laptop with
a scanner attached.

A physical count worksheet is created in IMS as usual.

The worksheet data is imported into the scan inventory tool.
 by its name.

The work sheet will be displayed and can be printed.

The Scan form is used to take input from a scanner
to count items listed on the worksheet.















Count items by scanning the bar codes on items, as items are scanned they are added to the
column on the left and an audible accepted /rejected sound indicates the result of each scan.

As items are scanned the counts on the Worksheet report are updated and can be viewed or printed at any time.

Apart from using the scan form to count inventory it can be used to test and set prices and que labels as required.

Prices can be changed in real time if the pc is connected to the network and proper authentication
has been obtained.